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Phone: 0510-86165000
Fax: 0510-86032635
Postcode: 214000
Address: Jingxian Road, Xiagang Industrial Concentration Zone, Jiangyin
Web: maemvl.com
E-mail: sales # grasun-elec.com
tech # grasun-elec.com

In order to use our products with confidence, the company has established a complete pre-sales, sales and after-sales service system.

Service capabilities:
The company has an excellent service team: more than ten service engineers with a bachelor degree or above. They have rich field work experience and are on call 24 hours to provide you with timely and efficient on-site technical services. Including the preliminary test of the system, on-site installation guidance of the equipment, equipment debugging and maintenance, equipment inspection and return visits, etc.

Service Network:
The company has after-sales service offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Urumqi and other places. The office is staffed by service engineers and equipped with common spare parts, which greatly improves the response speed and efficiency of services.

Service return visit:
Regularly return visits to learn how users use the device. During the year of equipment operation, the company will conduct a return visit once a month, and within the second year of equipment operation, the company will conduct a return visit every three months. During the equipment maintenance period of the warranty period, a dedicated inspection engineering service vehicle and service engineer will be responsible for inspecting the user equipment, guiding and assisting the user in the annual maintenance of the equipment.

Service training:
Prior to equipment installation, our company will send service engineers to train on-site installation and commissioning personnel for the main points of the equipment, including equipment composition, component functions, precautions during handling and lifting, and safety protection measures. After the equipment is installed and debugged, our company will also send service engineers to train the operation and maintenance personnel on the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Service response:
Our company promises that the equipment will respond within one hour if there is a problem in the operation of the equipment. It will arrive at the scene within 8 hours in East China and other areas within 12 hours.

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