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Active Power Filter (APF)
GRASUNAPF active power filter device is a new type of harmonic control device based on IGBT inverter. By detecting the load current waveform in real time, removing the fundamental (50Hz) component from the waveform, reversing the rest of the waveform, and controlling the triggering of the IGBT, injecting the reverse current into the power supply system to filter (cancel) harmonics and dynamics. Compensation system reactive power and voltage fluctuation, ...
Static Reactive Power Generation Device (SVG)
GRASUNSVG's new generation of static reactive power generator SVG is a representative of new technology applications in the field of reactive power compensation. SVG is connected in parallel to the power grid, which is equivalent to a variable reactive current source. By adjusting the amplitude and phase of the AC-side output voltage of the inverter, or directly controlling the amplitude and phase of its AC-side current, it quickly absorbs or emits Reactive power needed for fast dynamics ...
Passive Power Filter (PPF)
GRASUNPPF low-voltage passive power filter device is mainly composed of LC filter branch composed of filter capacitor, filter reactor and non-inductive resistor, and is connected in parallel to the grid where the non-linear load is located. Each filtering branch is designed according to the composition, size and reactive power requirements of the harmonic current. For harmonics, each filter branch is equivalent to a low-impedance channel, so that most of the corresponding harmonic current flows into the ...
Dynamic reactive power compensation device (SVC)
GRASUNSVC dynamic reactive power compensation device. The main circuit uses a non-inrush current contactor or a thyristor non-contact switch to switch the tuning capacitor bank (tuned reactor + capacitor bank). The control part is based on DSP technology. The combination of transform (FFT), high-speed analysis of voltage and current harmonic components in the system, real-time tracking and ...
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