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Harmonic Control Product Center

Active power filter

1. What is an active power filter?

Active power filter is a new type of power electronic device for dynamically suppressing harmonics and compensating for reactive power. It can compensate for harmonics and reactive power that vary in size and frequency. The device needs to provide power. The application can overcome the shortcomings of traditional harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation methods such as LC filters and achieve dynamic tracking compensation.

2.Applications of Active Power Filter (APF)

  • Electrified railway and urban rail transit: 400V system harmonic compensation, especially rail transit; large crane loads for railway freight stations;
    Office and commercial buildings, computing centers, residential buildings, speed regulation of refrigeration pumps, cooling pumps, fans; boilers with variable frequency drive, etc .; various types of computer power supplies, UPS and other harmonic centralized compensation; various computer power supplies, UPS Harmonic centralized compensation for inverter air conditioners, refrigerators, etc .;
  • Various special power sources: UPS, especially large-capacity UPS for telecommunications, telecommunications, computing centers, and industrial and mining enterprise centralized control centers; various experimental power sources for universities and research institutes; 400Hz aircraft drag power sources for national defense and airports;
  • Petrochemical and natural gas industries: Distillation, cracking, catalysis, hydrogenation, furfural and other production lines (frequency converters and UPS) with medium and low pressure frequency conversion and speed regulation drilling rigs, submersible pumps, fans, etc., polyester chip load coking dumper Car, etc.
  • Power industry: power plants use variable frequency and speed-adjustable fans and pumps; various types of DC power supplies, UPS and other harmonic compensation; medium and low voltage systems centrally manage and compensate harmonics of multiple users, and are used in substations, including residential or Substations in commercial districts;
  • Iron and steel industry: all kinds of orthogonal and orthogonal, alternating and alternating frequency rolling mills, various types of roll loads; electric arc furnaces, converter lifting systems, electric welding machines, pressure welding machine molten steel transport vehicles; metallurgical industries (especially non-ferrous metallurgical industries) , Electrolytic equipment.
Active Power Filter (APF)
Static Reactive Power Generator (SVG)
Passive Power Filter (PPF)
Dynamic Reactive Compensator (SVC)

3.Features of Active Power Filter (APF)

  • Active power filtering device has fast response speed, strong filtering ability, and low running loss;
  • Active power filter device supports multiple parallel operation and large expansion capacity;
  • It can filter all harmonics or multiple selected harmonics dynamically and in real time at the same time. Using vector screening technology, it can selectively compensate the harmonics between 2 and 50 times or all the harmonics;
  • While filtering harmonics, dynamically compensate the fundamental reactive power and improve the power factor;
  • The safety is good, there is no resonance or voltage amplification, and the output current can be automatically limited, and the device is never overloaded to ensure that the device works safely and reliably.

4.Technical parameters of active power filter (APF)

  • Rated working voltage: AC380V ± 15%
  • Rated working frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated capacity: rated harmonic compensation capacity of the module 30A, 50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A
  • Application in three-phase three-wire system, three-phase four-wire system
  • Switching frequency: 20kHz (average)
  • Response time: <10ms
  • Protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, IGBT overheating, device overheating
  • Power loss: at rated full load, the loss does not exceed 4% of the rated power
GRASUN APF-3L active power filter is used in three-phase three-wire system, mostly used for industrial users. Used in 380V system, the module rated compensation current is divided into 75A, 150A, 200A three kinds. GRASUN APF -4L active power filter is used in three-phase four-wire system, mostly for non-industrial users such as commercial buildings. Used in 380V system, the rated compensation current of the module is divided into 30A, 50A and 100A.

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